Journée des doctorants de l'école doctorale MASTIC

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Q1. The JDOC is compulsory, but what should I do if I cannot attend? 

Send an email to the JDOC committee explaining the reason for your absence. Only serious reasons will be accepted (e.g. presentation of your work at another conference).
Once your excuse has been accepted:
  • If you are a second year student, you will simply have to attend JDOC in your third year of thesis.
  • If you are a third year student, ask your supervisor to contact the director of the MASTIC Doctoral School.

Q2. I have been selected for an oral presentation - what steps should I take?

For the oral presentations:

- The duration of an oral presentation is 10 min followed by 5 min of questions and discussions.
- The doctoral student is free to choose his or her presentation format.
- On the first page it is essential to specify:
      * The Title
      * The Author's identification
      * The affiliation of the doctoral student (laboratory, team...)
      * The name(s) of the thesis director(s)/supervisor(s).

Mis à jour le 26 May 2023.